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Pre-order: 3-in-1 Measuring instrument | A Better Way to Measure

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The 3-in-1 Measuring instrument is a fully integrated, patent-pending, measuring tool that clamps to almost any kind of saw fence and outputs measurements of materials slid underneath its wheel on a large, backlit, LCD screen. This Augmented Tool is more accurate, faster to use, and safer than traditional methods. Its integrated clamp allows it to attach to most saws and flat surfaces, dramatically increasing your saw's capability, with one click of the clamp!

High visibility interaction points, a large backlit display, substantial buttons, and impact-resistant polycarbonate and glass-filled nylon construction ensure this device is ready for any job site and can be operated while wearing gloves.  

The 3-in-1 Measuring instrument measures by sliding material underneath it. The blade width (and resultant kerf) is automatically added to any measurement taken with the device and can be programmed to match whatever blade you are using in a matter of seconds. It can display both Metric and English measurements and is more accurate and has more resolution than a tape measure. It can make angled cuts, beveled cuts, and, of course, straight cuts!

Make repeatable, accurate cuts, quickly. It is built, designed, and tested to improve your workflow. It quickly and effortlessly clamps to most saw fences or any flat surface. The device measures any kind of material rolled underneath it, displaying exact measurements, in both imperial (inches, feet) and metric units (centimeter, millimeters), as well as accounts for the thickness of the blade being used. One-touch of the zero button is all you need to get started and get cutting!

It will measure any flat surface and any kind of building material that can be slid underneath it. Also, it can measure flat, but curved, surfaces such as pipes and tubes. Whether you're flying through dimensional lumber to frame out a house, cutting composite planks for a deck, or putting the finishing touches on the trim around a window, It has you covered.

It is a dynamic tool that clamps to a wide variety of saws, fence geometries, and configurations. While certain fences require a non-intrusive adapter plate to be used, the M1 Caliber's integrated clamp has been painstakingly designed to work directly with most fence geometries of the proper height.

Caliber works on both the right and left sides of the saw (although the automatic height adjustment, from feeding in material, will only work on the left side). Holding the "Zero" button allows you to switch between modes to select which direction of travel is positive vs negative. To use on the right side, simply keep the arm in the locked, up positon, until the material to measure is underneath it, then use the device as normal!

It can make beveled and mitered cuts. The M1 functions by measuring what is rolled underneath it. Angled cuts are no exception with the only difference being the blade offset value (depending on kind of cut being made) as well as where you want to measure from the (inside or outside) edge.

3-in-1 Measuring instrument works with a variety of selectable units to best suit your needs and preferences. Selecting the center "Units" button will allow you to easily toggle between units, whenever you like.  A large, backlit, LCD screen makes it easy to view the display in a variety of lighting conditions. 

Getting started is quick and easy. 

Common problem:

Question: How does the product work?

Answer: It contains a high accuracy encoder that converts the turns of the wheel (spun by material rolled underneath it) into a linear measurement. It simply measures anything that outputs what is rolled underneath it.

Question: What kind of materials can I cut using the Measuring instrument?

Answer: Anything you can fit underneath it from dimensional lumber to pipes to aluminum extrusions.

Question: How accurate and precise is the Measuring instrument?

Answer: The accuracy of the Measuring instrument is +/- 0.5mm and the precision (repeatability) is +/-0.3mm.

Question: Do you ship internationally?

Answer: Yes!

Question: Where will these be made?

Answer: We will be making the Measuring instrument in the USA with globally sourced components and materials.

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